Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Please Help

Just click on this link to locate your legislators. You can also copy and paste this to your browser.

We can stop this legislation. Right now many cities and townships share services and procurements without creating authorities. That is why we elect individuals to make decisions for us.  Please call, email or visit your legislators.

Please pass this information on.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Live Free or Choke On It

I have been remiss in my writing because I was almost catatonic. It seems like it is all to much.  The world as I know it is crashing. I have been feeling powerless. My country, the greatest on earth, is slipping both in influence and financially.  My state, county and local governments are controlled by the unions and spending is out of control.  I get so many requests for donations and phone sales in a days time that I am hanging up on them an refusing to donate to anyone.  What was happening to me?

Then I thought, when have you ever been a quitter? So here I am with renewed vigor.  Asking your help and your strength to work with me.  They want us to get worn out.  They want us to give up.  We can't let them win.  This is a great country!  We just can't let them change it to something else or convince us it is not.

When your tempted to sit back, step forward.  There won't be immediate financial benefit like there is most of the time on the other side, but you are still doing it for yourself, your children, grandchildren and (almost as important) me.  Make a phone call, write a letter or go to a political meeting. Unfortunately, you may not have someone to tell you what to do but you know what is right. If you need direction, join an organization  that will notify you when to act. Don't leave it to someone else to do. We have to keep the pressure on.  It is very important.  If you think you don't care, you will.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Not Binding but Strangling

The above flyer was distributed in Senator Randy Richardville's district.  But this legislation will effect all of us. It is for this reason I felt obligated, with AFP's permission, to cut and paste its content.  Make sure you contact your senator and representative as well. Tell them to tell Richardville how you feel.

Randy Richardville has sponsored Senate Bill 397 that expands binding arbitration. Binding arbitration means that unelected bureaucrats have the final say in contracts with government unions. Even the representatives we elect cannot change these contracts, no matter how costly they are or how much they will hurt our community. These types of contracts can cost our state millions. Binding arbitration can raise costs to municipalities by 3 to 5 percent. It can result in unsustainably high wages and benefits or burdensome work rules that are not in the public’s best interest.

The Facts:
SB 397 expands Public Act 312, which was passed in 1969 and requires binding arbitration for local police and fire fighters.

Even former Governor Jennifer Granholm’s own task force reported that PA 312 raises the cost to local government operations by 3 – 5%.

Besides Card Check, binding arbitration was one of the key provisions in the horribly misnamed Employee Free Choice Act. Like eliminating the secret ballot, binding arbitration is a
provision that only benefits unions.

Some politicians don’t get it. Some politicians want to increase the cost of government
and put unions in charge. Senator Richardville is one of those politicians that wants to increase the cost of government and take away our say in how government is run. As a Michigan taxpayer, we only get to pay more. It is unelected bureaucrats vs. citizens. It is taxpayers vs. government sector unions.
Senator Richardville it is time to put taxpayers first!

So lets review:
 Michigan workers are making less. Senator Richardville introduces legislation to increase the cost
of government.
 If Senator Randy Richardville has his way taxpayers lose and government sector unions win.
Call Senator Randy Richardville at (517) 373-3543 and tell him to cut government, reform government and stop sponsoring legislation that raises the cost of government and harms our democracy.

 • 517-853-9073

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Wayne County the Armpit of Michigan and It Stinks

How is it that everything in Wayne County government costs so much more? Accountability has been the missing ingredient as far back as I can remember. No one, not governors, Mayors, the commission, or anyone has challenged them effectively. Those that have challenged come out far less than successful. A temporary, partial victory with unjustified concessions has seemed to suffice in most cases. Then, it is back to business as usual.

Why is everyone afraid of Wayne County. Why are they held to a different standard? Are they afraid they will offend a person of color? That's the most insulting thing I ever heard. Do they think the taxpayers of any color in Wayne County would not be better off with good government and that the handful of loud spoken individuals actually represent the majority of the people who expect and deserve good government? Loud does not make it right.

I for one have had it. I accept everyone on the same terms. I will not tolerate excuses any longer. I will feel no guilt. Please stand with me! Make Wayne County accountable. Insist that Wayne County is transparent. Insist on prosecution for individuals who break the law. And, for goodness sake get them to fix those darn potholes.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Not Negotiable

The video above is just a sample of the disrespect some in government have for their constituents. They act like we are fools and to stupid to understand and don't understand it is their job to make sure we do.

This past week I was sent an article from the Grosse Pointe News . I was dismayed to hear the report of John Lizza, who chairs the Board of Review for Grosse Pointe Shores. He indicated that he doesn't like public watchdogs nosing around his board of review. To that I say, too bad. Brian Vick the city manager says, "In an unofficial survey, 27 municipalities were asked about it," said Brian Vick, Shores city manager. "Only two took a position that every aspect, from start to finish, had to be done in an open setting. The other ones had variations of it. So, it is one of things where there's gray area." To that I say too bad as well.

The law is the law and what they think is irrelevant. If I hear of such a thing again, they will be reported to the state and I personally will press charges. I am sending copies of the article to all cities in Wayne County. I am also attaching a copy of the Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act for any community that is in doubt.

Just like the citizens who elect them and the elected officials that appoint them, those in government do not get to choose which laws they enforce or obey. Your response is appreciated.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


It's almost here. Thursday April 14, is our chance to recommit to our desire for fiscal intergrity by our state and federal governments.  We need you to join us in Lansing.  Americans for Prosperity and 40 Tea Party , 9-12 and taxpayers groups are sponsoring this event.  It is difficult for many to get time off from their jobs and for some to give up income to join us, but for those who can, we appreciate your support.

You can find the agenda for the day and a list of the great speakers by clicking here. Now is not the time to leave it to someone else.  Everyone is needed and the legislators need to know they have your support when they stand up for you. Don't let them down. Help those who are on the fence to make a decision for taxpayers and not special interests.

The decision to make the event on the 14th  instead of  the 15th was made because the legislature will be in session. It will also give those who want to have a taxday rally the oportunity.  Make sure they know we will not go away.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wasting Our Money

What is the matter with government? What part of we are all tapped out do they not understand? Their fixation with useless transportation projects that we can not afford has me stumped.

Traffic has dropped off dramatically between Canada and the United States due to the economy and the loss of population in Michigan. You now need a Passport to cross over into Canada. Only government would want to build another bridge to hold less traffic and lose money, when we already have three ways to access Canada from Michigan. They expanded the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron just a few years ago.

The proposed train down Woodward Ave.,it's use would be for what? Who would be riding it and where would they be going?

These are not little projects. We neither need them nor can we afford them. Millions and millions of dollars would be spent on these projects guaranteed to operate at a loss and be subsidized by the taxpayer year after year.   Let the governor and your representatives know this is nonsense.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Now Is The Time to Tweek

This is the first time since 1994 that the Taxable Value of property has been so near the State Equalized Value of Property. While there are laws prohibiting the increase of taxes without a vote of the people there is no law prohibiting the reductions of taxes.  It is time to restore justice and uniformity. In 1994 Proposal A passed.   It was concerned with the taxable value of individual property and the way we finance schools. It capped annual increases in your taxable value at the CPI (inflation) or 5% whichever is less. Millages are applied against the taxable value.

The red line in the graph is the State Equalized Value (SEV) and the Blue is the Taxable Value.  For years, they have been talking about tweaking Proposal A.  The problem is that suggestions were not always in the interest of the taxpayer. The suggestion that I have found to have the most value is the elimination of the "pop up". Under Proposal A, whenever property changes hands the new owner's taxes "pop up" because he now must pay on the SEV.  If you notice in the graph there was quite a difference between the SEV and Taxable Value when property was increasing in value.  As a result, two identical houses in the same subdivision could be paying dramatically different taxes because one person had been living in the house since 1994 when Proposal A Passed and another bought a house at the height of housing values. What that means is that there could have been almost a 50% difference in the amount of taxes paid for the same services.

The legislature should act now to eliminate the "pop up". and bring everyone down to 50% of their true cash value which is what the SEV should be and which is also in most cases the present Taxable Value. We need to bring some sanity back to the system.  The Constitutional limitation that prohibits increases in taxable value to inflation or 5% which ever is less would remain in effect.  Revenue for government units woulds be regulated by the Constitution (Headlee Amendment) and voted millages by the people.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Insanity

How can the American public expect to cut the budget on any level of government if they are unwilling to give their elected officials the tools they need to do the job? Even if  you are sympathetic to the unions and collective bargaining, you have to realize that the only area where you can cut a significant amount of dollars is in a service business, and that is what government is supposed to do, union wages and benefits are where the largest costs are.  You have to understand the conflict between unions, who contribute to the election of a candidate, and the benefits that they are able to have awarded in contracts.  You should also be able to understand that they can not be allowed to strike, because, of the damage that causes to the common good of the taxpayers.

Public unions have managed to negotiate salaries and benefits that are 47% higher on average, than the private sector.   To those people who are working for far less than unionized employee's and also to the unemployed,  the suggestion of a tax increase or the refusal of unionized public employees to take a cut is overwhelming.  To the unions taking less pay and benefits does not sit well, but the lines need to be drawn that are equitable for both the unions and the taxpayers. It is not that we do not appreciate the work they do, when they do it, but rather that it is unfair for the taxpayer to be overburdened supporting such unfair advantages.
The American people have to wake up. The recent attempt by states to deal with these problems has met stiff opposition with resistance by some who profess to want budgets and deficits cut.  This "anyone except me" attitude will surely drive us over the edge into certain bankruptcy.  What can you say about a society that seemingly is willing to steal from their children and grandchildren?  This is an immoral and selfish position that shows in and of itself the manner those involved wish to engage in in order to maintain their greedy unfair conduct.

The success of the vote in Wisconsin I hope will give courage to other states to follow through.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Special Invitation

We have been finding it difficult to find a location near Detroit.  Leon's Family Dining, where we have our membership meetings, has agreed to lend us his banquet room.  I had indicated that I would ask everyone to purchase something.  You can have dinner, desert  or just a cup of coffee. The meeting is at 7:00 pm on February 22 at 23830 Michigan Ave.  We have reduced our $2.00 donation to $1.00 on this occasion.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 313-278-8383. If you are unable to attend look on our website for our other scheduled seminars.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Don't Miss the Boat

The time is now to learn how to appeal your assessment. The Comsumer price Index has increased 1.7% (inflation) but your home value has continued to decline. Many people can not afford to hire someone to appeal for them and that is why we have designed a seminar that teaches how to do it yourself.
If nothing else, it will give you the tools to find out if it is worth your while to hire someone else to do it.

You will have to be on the defensive for several years to come, when it comes to your financial security. Take the time to secure what is the biggest investment for most people - your home.

Go to our website  for a location nearest you. We will be adding additional locations through the end of the month.  

While your at it, stock up on some food and paper products. Inflation is expected to increase. Anything you can buy and keep now will save you money in the future.