Monday, November 13, 2006

Blog, blog , blog , blog , blog!

While everyone is busy analyzing what has happened this election season, I would like to give praise to the bloggers. Both sides have their opinion about what happened but it is the bloggers who gave life to the dead. They are the ones who made the media readers more careful about what they said for fear of being exposed for their bias or errors. It is they who took to task the arguments and gave them a clearer or different perspective. Even those who do not have access to the internet were exposed to a more thoughtful discussion as a result of the bloggers.

Some of you are full of beans, but that only stimulates others to respond. Bloggers are unmerciful in their judgement of some and forgiving in your retribution of others. They are big enough to be inclusive and diverse enough to cause others to be conclusive. I for one am grateful to have someone out there watching my back against these very smooth people who represent and inform me. If we can maintain a tollerance for other opinions and truth, we might make this a better place to live.