Thursday, May 05, 2011

Wayne County the Armpit of Michigan and It Stinks

How is it that everything in Wayne County government costs so much more? Accountability has been the missing ingredient as far back as I can remember. No one, not governors, Mayors, the commission, or anyone has challenged them effectively. Those that have challenged come out far less than successful. A temporary, partial victory with unjustified concessions has seemed to suffice in most cases. Then, it is back to business as usual.

Why is everyone afraid of Wayne County. Why are they held to a different standard? Are they afraid they will offend a person of color? That's the most insulting thing I ever heard. Do they think the taxpayers of any color in Wayne County would not be better off with good government and that the handful of loud spoken individuals actually represent the majority of the people who expect and deserve good government? Loud does not make it right.

I for one have had it. I accept everyone on the same terms. I will not tolerate excuses any longer. I will feel no guilt. Please stand with me! Make Wayne County accountable. Insist that Wayne County is transparent. Insist on prosecution for individuals who break the law. And, for goodness sake get them to fix those darn potholes.


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