Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Not Negotiable

The video above is just a sample of the disrespect some in government have for their constituents. They act like we are fools and to stupid to understand and don't understand it is their job to make sure we do.

This past week I was sent an article from the Grosse Pointe News . I was dismayed to hear the report of John Lizza, who chairs the Board of Review for Grosse Pointe Shores. He indicated that he doesn't like public watchdogs nosing around his board of review. To that I say, too bad. Brian Vick the city manager says, "In an unofficial survey, 27 municipalities were asked about it," said Brian Vick, Shores city manager. "Only two took a position that every aspect, from start to finish, had to be done in an open setting. The other ones had variations of it. So, it is one of things where there's gray area." To that I say too bad as well.

The law is the law and what they think is irrelevant. If I hear of such a thing again, they will be reported to the state and I personally will press charges. I am sending copies of the article to all cities in Wayne County. I am also attaching a copy of the Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act for any community that is in doubt.

Just like the citizens who elect them and the elected officials that appoint them, those in government do not get to choose which laws they enforce or obey. Your response is appreciated.

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