Friday, May 23, 2008

One Day a Year is Not Enough

This Memorial Day weekend, many people will celebrate having a day off. Others will remember family members who served their country in the military. Some will remember all those who fought and died for this country. One day is not enough to remember. This memory should be recalled every time we vote, read a book or a newspaper, have a political disagreement and at the uncountable times we take our liberty for granted.

I try to remember every one who helped make this country what it is, because that is what my father taught me. I can remember my father raising the flag in our yard each day when I was young. He watched every war movie that was ever made (and cowboy movie too). He cried every time he heard taps. He was a sailor in WWII. He never saw action but he appreciated everyone who did. He was proud to be a sailor and prouder still to be an American.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all that have served this country and permits me to live free.

I know this country is not perfect but it is the best there is. When I go to court on May 27th to defend myself against the trumped up charges by Rep. Andy Dillon, I believe that if there is justice I will be vindicated. I believe in this system. I also know that power corrupts. It is evident in the way Dillon's thugs attempted to infiltrate and corrupt our petition drive. I received calls attempting to bribe me, petitions in the mail without circulators to temp me, calls with people attempting to get me to make incriminating statements, have been followed and harassed and been asked to do things that are anatomically impossible. Dillon has personally lied when he said I never gave him suggestions on how to cut the budget and no one in our organization ever attempted to photograph his children or his wife. They say that almost 1/2 of our signatures are invalid. I know we will prove them wrong. This could only happen if he or his supporters sabotaged our effort. It does not serve us to do anything like this. We knew the state and Dillons surragates would be going through them.

Please take time this weekend to remember those who fought for our freedom from the beginning to the present. Pray that we can keep our country free. May God bless America and keep her safe.


Friday, May 09, 2008

Take the Bitter With the Sweet

First I will give you the sweet.The Secretary of State has finished the first process to place vacationing Andy Dillon's name for recall on the August 5th ballot. I hope that they didn't send the news to Mexico and ruin his fun. After all, his vacation is far more important than the mess this state is in.

The bitter is that our court date has been postponed again. It seems they have come up with more trumped up charges and our side needs time to figure out what they are talking about and who these supposed witnesses are. The only regret I have is that we have come to this as a society. If Dillon is loved so much by the voters, why is he going through all this? He could just stand on his reputation and his performance in the legislature and defeat us at the polls. He would be defending his record and not trying to discredit us. I guess it must be because he can do neither and must give the appearance that he is the injured party.

In the meantime, Rep. Dick Ball (R-Owosso) introduced a resolution which criticizes the State Constitution for allowing recalls for anything but criminal misconduct. Recalls are about anything but that. Criminal misconduct is decided in the courts. Recalls are about representation and political matters. HR358 also stated that recalls are undemocratic. Huh? We had to collect a lot more signatures then he had to collect to run for office. About 8,500 more. Then the recall has to be voted on. Sounds pretty democratic to me. Thank goodness the rest of them had the good sense to not want to vote on it. It was however the fact that someone wanted to amend the resolution to include that Kwame Kilpatrick be removed from office that brought the great enlightenment. The dems removed it from the agenda.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Getting out of Dodge

So where is our hard working Speaker of the House Andy Dillon? The mess of the Michigan Business Tax and the expected shortfall for our state budget need to be addressed. Where else would he be but on a beech in Mexico? Obviously, the time off after the budget is finished, the break for hunting season, the long Christmas break or the spring break are not enough. He feels it is time to get away at a time where his leadership, for which he is payed considerably more, is needed.

Does he need to get away while the governor continues to give away our money at an unprecedented rate to businesses she thinks are worthy? Maybe he needs to get away while business is suffering under the legislatures last adjustment to the tax on business. He must not be able to tolerate the people who are losing their jobs, their homes and their children to other states. I guess that is part of his "me first" philosophy.

MIRS a Lansing Journal asked if he needed to "get out of Dodge" to regroup. The Speakers spokesperson, Greg Bird replied that it was previously planned. I think that is worse. His absence was premeditated. Shame on you Dillon. You can take a slow boat after you get recalled from office when you will have plenty of time.

Friday, May 02, 2008

The Definition of Arrogance

Yesterday before we turned in the signatures to recall Speaker Andy Dillon we were scheduled to hold a press conference in room 55 of the Capital Building. We were notified at the last minute that it was not available and no other room was available. When a reporter from MIRS asked why the press conference was changed Dillon said "They want to have a press conference in one of my rooms? Yeah right."

Who does Speaker Dillon think he is? That is the peoples house not his house. By what right does he deny anyone access to the Capitol Building during the hours it is open. It is that arrogance that I was unaware of until I started to recall him. His superior attitude keeps him from making decisions for the people but facilitates his disposition to act in his own self interest. He forgets he was sent there to do our business not his own.

It is interesting the things you find out. Dillon supporters hired an out of state coordinator for his blockers. They hired a convicted felon as a blocker. He complains because someone drove by his house a couple times to try to interview him but thinks nothing of his blockers driving by my house several times a day and following our circulators up and down the streets and to their homes. He accuses us of lying and fraud. I now know him to be a liar because he has lied about me. He has said I offered no solutions to the budget crisis. While I did say that he had to make the final decisions on what should be cut because that is what he was elected to do, I also suggested that he look at the $1.9 billion worth of cuts by the Mackinac Center and those suggested by the Citizens Research Council. He made no cuts but increased the General Fund Budget by 8%.

He says the people who are recalling him are not from this district. I had people from his district stuffing bags to hang on doors and boxes stacked from my front room to my family room full of the literature. I had petitions mailed to my house. I had obscene phone calls. I answered questions and gave instructions. People from the district brought petitions to my door. I received more in todays mail. Speaker Dillon, keep thinking that the people of your district are happy with your representation, it will make my job easier.

You and your deplorable friend Miles Handy have shown your true colors. Just like Darth Vador you have gone to the dark side.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

On The Ballot

Congratulations to the voters of the 17Th District. The question to recall Michigan House Speaker Andy Dillon will most certainly be placed on the August 5, primary election. Today 15,498 signatures were turned in to the Bureau of Elections in Lansing. The required amount of signatures was 8,724 signatures.

Thank you to the voters of the 17Th. A victory for you is a victory for everyone in the State of Michigan. If this does not convince the other legislators we are serious, we will have to work to take out another one of them. Their decision to increase taxes has hurt our state and it's citizens. Tax increases do not bring business into Michigan. Tax increases in this time of job loss, income reductions and inflation only serves to make things worse.

Thank you for enduring the aggravation of Dillon's hostile, rude and aggressive blockers .
Thank you for standing tall before all the unjustified criticism and lies. Your the best.

Rose Bogaert, Chair
Wayne County Taxpayers Association