Saturday, August 17, 2013


This week I opted out of a Smart Meter by calling DTE 's Customer Service (800) 477- 4747. I suggest you also opt out. While your at it tell your state and federal senators and representative that you don't want them either.  I was moved to do this as a result all the bad things I was hearing about them. People have reported health problems of all kinds.  In addition to that, the privacy issues were screaming in my head. I was watching a commercial on a security system where you could control your heat, lights, air conditioning and a camera in your home from your cell phone.  Smart Meters have the same type of technology. Your energy company would be able to do the very same thing.

The recent NSA scandal only makes this more horrifying. Companies have been cooperating with the government to monitor phones, email, personal pages and anything else can get their hands on. The most recent findings are that the government was sharing information from and with the IRS.  

This is a big issue. With the flick of a switch they can learn more about you and your habits than your family members.

 For those of you who do not know what a smart meter is, please click on the links below.