Thursday, June 18, 2009

What A Well Dressed Protester Should Wear

At one of the breakout sessions at the Tea Party Convention last Saturday, a interesting man stood up and said that the Tea Party on April 15, was the first protest he had ever attended. He said he did not even know what to wear but decided on casual clothes. Well that was a pretty good guess.

In reality , the well dressed protester wears what ever he or she pleases. That is what it is all about, liberty, soverinity and getting those we elect to represent us instead of themselves. I think the convention was a success. It was a good second step. The speakers were interesting, the discussions were good and the people were friendly.

The feeling I got was that everyone there was ready to move on to the next step and was not willing to maintain the status quo. Some were preparing for more Tea Partys on July 4th, others were preparing for the march on Washington in the fall and still other are prepared to gather signatures to effect change in our state. What I saw was a large group of determined people.
You can get involved too. Click on the minuteman and sign up. Read how a little effort by a lot of people can make a difference. Let the events in Iran motivate you. Let it remind you how precious our freedoms are. Let it remind you what our forefathers had to endure to acheive their goals. Do not let anyone convince you that any political party,or any person has motivated the new patriot revolution. It is driven instead by the actions of our elected officials and their insesitivity to the people they represent. It is a result of thier lack of regard for the principles set down in our constitutions that they swore to uphold.
Any people who believe in freedom, when pushed, will eventually push back. Technology has made this a much more even fight. We can not let the selfserving ruin our country or our state. We can not let them decieve us into complacentcy. The thugs on the far left or the wacos on the far right should not be allowed to define the rest of us. That sould not be interpreted as the lack of will by the rest of us to do what must be done.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Et Tu Wayne County?

On Tuesday June 9, Scott Hagerstom from AFP and I testified before a Wayne County Committee which was considering a county sponsored title corp at the request of the Register of Deeds Bernard J.Youngblood. What has Wayne County got to do with title searches and insurance. Needless to say, we thought it was a bad idea and said so. The title companies, as you would suspect, had something to say on the issue as well.

Our main concerns were that government should not be in business. If they did this, what kind of transparency and oversight would there be? How would the liability be paid for? Who would pay the $10,000,000 that is anticipated for start up? What success has there been where it was tried before. Has It been tried before and succeeded?

Wayne County's track record, in my book, has not been very good. Even if it starts out costing less, taxpayers will eventually wind up picking up part of the tab. Even those people who do not have the resources to own their own property. They had to stop the meeting because of conflicts but they are going to schedule another for more discussion. Good thing.

Forbes Magazine said that title insurance is the richest insurance racket. If Youngblood believes that, why does the county not prosecute instead of go into the business?

Youngblood's attorney, Patrick J. Bruetsch, approached us after the meeting. He says the county will have nothing to do with this, Youngblood just wants to endorse the idea. We asked then why is it before the committee. Then he said Youngblood will only let credible investors be involved. We asked "how does he get to pick the investors if he is not involved?" He claims he misspoke. He then proceeded to say much the same twice more. Something stinks here. The county should stay clear of this. They have enough problems to deal with. When they can do the job with what they have, even then it should not be expanding government. Besides, who is paying for youngbloods attorney? Why does he need one if he only wants to endorse the project?

If someone can do the job cheaper let them go in the business. If the title insurance companies are price fixing as they implied, then call in the feds.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Stand Up

I am looking forward to this Saturday, June 13. The Tea Party Convention will not only be fun, but it will continue the momentum of the Lansing Tea Party. The five proposals that will be presented, voted upon and prioritized will give us goals to work towards. The speakers have a wealth of information between them and the break out sessions will give us a chance to share ideas.

I am asking you to get out of your fetal position and register. It is being held in Holt, Michigan. It"s not that far. You can get to the registration page from the homepage of the Wayne County Taxpayers Association. The cost is only $10 per person and that includes lunch. For those of you that have children, there is even childcare. What more could you want.

Put some effort behind your words and join us. All talk and no action doesn't change a thing. People call me all the time and want me to do there work. This is your opportunity to commit to do your share. Hope to see you there.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

D Day Dilema

I watched with appreciation the international ceremony to commemorate the 65th anniversary of D Day. It is very easy to take for granted the sacrifices the others have made for the freedoms enjoyed by the rest of us. It is also almost impossible not to be touched by the old and failing figures who were there at the ceremony. Those aging soldiers that remain are passing at a phenomenal rate and soon will be no more. We can not afford to let their memory pass with them.

Against incredible odds they landed in Normandy, France and thus began the eventual downfall of Nazi Germany. With the playing of the most impressive rendition of taps that I have ever heard, speeches, a 21 gun salute and fly overs by planes of the countries of France, England, Canada and the United states we honor the courage, dedication and and the supreme sacrifice of those who fought and died.

You could see behind the eyes of the remaining soldiers the memories of their lost friends and the difficulties that they endured from that moment on, both in memory and physically. They gave up so much for our way of life, please do not let it be in vane.

Recently, we have been warned by our socialist friends about the dangers. We are on the precipice and ready to fall over. Of all the warnings, the most unsuspected was from Pravda, a Russian publication:

It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into
Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a
passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people.

True, the situation has been well prepared on and off for the past century,
especially the past twenty years. The initial testing grounds was conducted
upon our Holy Russia and a bloody test it was. But we Russians would not
just roll over and give up our freedoms and our souls, no matter how much
money Wall Street poured into the fists of the Marxists.

Those lessons were taken and used to properly prepare the American populace for the surrender of their freedoms and souls, to the whims of their elites and
betters. ..........

The Russian owners of American companies and industries should look thoughtfully at this and the option of closing their facilities down and fleeing the land of the Red as fast as possible. In other words, divest while there is still value left.

The proud American will go down into his slavery with out a fight, beating his chest and proclaiming to the world, how free he really is. The world will only snicker.

I can not believe that Americans will much longer sit by and let this happen. How can we refute our history. How can we deny that our poor have been better off then in any country? How can we refute that opportunity has not been plentiful when people try to sneak into this country across the borders and across the seas? How can we so willingly turn over to our representatives control of our lives? How can we let people run our economy who have no experience, tell us what we want, tell us what we need and ,heaven forbid, what we should think?

Thank you to those who have fought and died for our country. I for one will try not to let your efforts be in vane.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dillon the Villan and Boss Hog Handy

Nothing to relieve the taxpayers burden has been done in this state. Some things just stay the same. When I failed to recall Andy Dillon from the 17th district and rid him of his seat as the Speaker of the House for raising taxes, I was sure that this would happen.

I allowed myself to rejoice in the fact that his association with R Miles Handy, then Supervisor of Redford Township, along with Handy's own bad reputation, caused Handy to be replaced as Supervisor. That joy was short lived. I knew in my heart that those that sleep with dogs get flees. So instead of eliminating one bad apple from Lansing, we now have two. This kind of thing is part of the reason we do not have good governance.

Handy is now Andy's right hand man. I hate to think how the two of them can conspire to think about what they can do FOR themselves and TO the rest of us. Between the two of them, they have one diabolical mind. Andy Dillon's payback to his political friend costs us all. We have another year and a half to endure. I wonder if he replaced someone or if he is paid from the increased office expense account they voted themselves.

As a reminder of who Dillon calls his friend, I have a must see video released during the recall. If you have already seen it, it is fun to watch again anyway.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Short Wait By Future Standards

I am delighted to say that I spent 6 1/2 hours in the Emergency room at Oakwood Hospital last night. Oh it was tiring and aggravating but I was happy to do it.

The day before yesterday, my husband felt a pain behind his knee. We thought he must have pulled a muscle or stretched a tendon. He could not remember anything he had done to cause the problem. The next day it started to really swell and by evening his leg started to turn blue below the knee. At that point, it was off to the emergency room with his very swollen blue leg.

Our fear was that it could be a blood clot that might travel and kill him. They took his information as soon as we walked in. Then, proceeded to take his vitals and information about the problem. We waited about 45 minutes to be taken back to a examination room. Then it was wait for a doctor. In the mean time, a nurse came in and took his vitals again. The doctor finally examined him. He said it may be a cyst that had burst or a blood clot and an ultrasound was necessary to determine the problem.

We then had to wait a couple hours for his turn with the ultrasound machine and a reading from radiology. They determined that this was one of the biggest cysts that they had ever seen in a leg and it had burst. Keep the leg elevated and see your physician the next day was the advice. He thought that it might not require surgery and would eventually be absorbed by the body.

The point of all this is not that you care about my husbands leg but that in 6 1/2 hours we went from fear to diagnosis and treatment. Only in America!

The Fraser Institute of Canada did a study about "Waiting Your Turn in Canada". The startling statistics brings home the truth about socialized medicine.
The Fraser Institute's 11th annual waiting list survey found that waiting
time for surgical and other therapeutic treatments grew significantly in
2000-01. Total waiting time between referral from a general practitioner and
treatment, averaged across all 12 specialties and 10 provinces surveyed, rose
from 13.11 weeks in 1999 to 16.2 weeks in 2000-01. This nationwide deterioration
reflects waiting-time increases in eight provinces, while concealing decreases
in waiting time in Saskatchewan and Newfoundland.

In 2007 the median wait for an ultrasound was 3.9 weeks,but in Manitoba and Prince Edward Island it was 8 weeks. Prince Edward Islanders are waiting far too long for routine ultrasounds and X-ray results. The same story replays over and over in each country with socialized medicine.

We have to keep that nightmare from happening here. Call your members of congress and tell them you don't want single payer healthcare.

Monday, June 01, 2009

What A Fix I Am In

I am conflicted. As a resident of Wayne County I know that I should be doing everything I can to encourage business to stay and flourish in Wayne County. As I have just become a major stockholder in GM, I now have other considerations to take under advisement.

Right now Detroit and Warren are having a disagreement over where the Headquarters of General Motors should be located. First lets look at the taxes. Mayor Bing and Executive Ficano are proposing a tax free zone for the Renaissance Center. While, The City of Warren has offered a 30 year abatement if GM moves its headquarters to the GM Tech Center.

If lower taxes are good for GM, why are they not good for everyone else? The small businesses that will suffer or be put out of business because of automotive downsizing are sure to need propping up. There is also the average taxpayer to consider, who must pick up the burden for the hole that exists in revenue left by the break given to businesses.
I know that as consumers we are paying them anyway, but somehow if you don't pay them directly they seem less harmful and there is still the possibility that they will not pass the break on.

Then there are the employees. Would they rather go into Downtown Detroit and pay a fortune for parking?
Or, would they rather park in the huge parking lot at the Tech Center? If they wish to live near work, would they rather live in Detroit with poor services and inadequate schools ? Or, live in Warren where schools and services are not so bad and their spouses will not have to pay the 2.5% resident income tax? That is if they work.

How about property values? Would you rather invest in housing which will continue to decline under present tax rates and exiting population? Or, in property which will very likely appreciate in the future?

The Detroit News has given you an opportunity to vote on the question of whether they should stay in Detroit or move to Warren. I am torn on the question to be sure. It isn't easy being a business owner in Michigan.