Friday, June 25, 2010

Closing the Government Gap

So often I feel just like the guy who fell off that cliff and that government is on the other side. I guess most of us want to believe that government is trying to help, only to find that some trick or incompetence is found where our trust was placed. We keep grabbing that rope only to find that they have dropped it.
When they try to give us a band aid to fix it they make it worse.

President Reagan was right when he said " Government can't fix the problem - government is the problem." As government grows, our influence is diminished. It is less a government of, by and for the people and more a government which controls the people. That is why I am looking forward to November. I am hopeful that the people of this country are finally waking up. I hope that they will replace those in congress and even those in local government who have been there too long and who have helped to grow government beyond our financial ability and practical need.

Should we fail to make a significant change in November, we can not give up. It has taken decades to get us to this position. It will not be easy to reverse the situation the first time. That is why we can not let ourselves get discouraged.

I have faith in the American people. I know that when they realise what is happening to our country they will stand up as they have in the past. Americans have never sherked their responsibilities nor have they been cowards when called upon.