Friday, February 10, 2012

A Resolution for Dummies

The what ifs of the above video are not what ifs at all. They are reality. The recent attempt by government to demand that religious institutions be required to offer birth control,the morning after pill and sterilizations to their employees, even if their fundamental beliefs are morally apposed, is just one more example of governments attempt to take over our lives.

We have been permitting an erosion of our liberties for many years but this administration has the most in your face implementation that I have ever seen. I hope that it has not gone so far that we are unable to retrieve them. How can we not see the damage these activities have done to Europe. How can we not see that in surrendering our rights for false security we have become less secure?

How can we keep accepting lies because we want to believe them then ignore and make excuses as the results of those lies so obviously prove them to be wrong. The Obama administration has backed off and offered a solution to the conflict that is so outrageous it is insulting. The objecting institutions won't have to pay for the the insurance to cover this any longer but the insurance companies will have to pay. What? Who pays the premiums to the insurance companies except the very people who hold the beliefs. When was the last time the government got involved with something and it costs less as they say it will.

I have to quit writing before my head blows up. Not to worry the government will take care of me. NOT!