Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wasting Our Money

What is the matter with government? What part of we are all tapped out do they not understand? Their fixation with useless transportation projects that we can not afford has me stumped.

Traffic has dropped off dramatically between Canada and the United States due to the economy and the loss of population in Michigan. You now need a Passport to cross over into Canada. Only government would want to build another bridge to hold less traffic and lose money, when we already have three ways to access Canada from Michigan. They expanded the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron just a few years ago.

The proposed train down Woodward Ave.,it's use would be for what? Who would be riding it and where would they be going?

These are not little projects. We neither need them nor can we afford them. Millions and millions of dollars would be spent on these projects guaranteed to operate at a loss and be subsidized by the taxpayer year after year.   Let the governor and your representatives know this is nonsense.

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