Thursday, December 19, 2013

Part-Time Legislature Needed

Years ago we almost got our part-time legislature back. We just missed the mark. We also thought that Term Limits would help alleviate some of our problems and it did. Now it is up to us to make another attempt.  A Part-Time legislature just might help them come home to their constituents (they really only work part time anyway) and have to do work in the real world.  

Get a petition and circulate it. We have a much better network now to promote and make contact. Take the petitions to your work, church. clubs and family gatherings. If enough people get involved we can make this an easy job. Do your share and make it harder for the lobbyists to be heard over their constituents. 

If you are unable to circulate petitions, (that means you can't sign your name and have no friends) then you can at least make a contribution for printing the petitions and fighting those special interests that will be trying to defeat the proposal. As a matter of fact, do both.

Lets give this all we have got.