Saturday, December 22, 2012

Recall Change Could Be Unconstitutional

Recall Change Could Be Unconstitutional: [...] More: Recall Change Could Be Unconstitutional

If everyone, including the legislature, were doing their job, none of this would be necessary.  By passing this law it makes it almost impossible for anyone that doesn't have a ton of money behind them or an army , such as a union, to have a recall.   The State Constitution says that the language must be clear period. It is up to those for or opposed to the recall to determine the outcome of the recall.   The validity of the argument will be determined at the polls.  The self righteous know it all attitude of some of our legislators is what gets them in trouble in the first place. They forget they represent us not themselves.

I should attempt to recall someone just to have standing in the courts to throw this self serving law in the garbage where it belongs. If they vote for something they should believe in it enough to explain it and defend it.  If they neither believe in it nor can defend it they should not have voted for it.  It was difficult enough to recall someone under the old law.