Saturday, February 23, 2008

Response to Citizens

Everyone knows that most legislators are not happy about the recall effort. If they would take the hint, recalls would not be necessary. puts out information on proposed legislation. What you see below are some legislators response to voters:

Senate Joint Resolution K (Mandate new ballot measure signature gathering requirements ) Introduced by Sen. Michelle McManus on February 12, 2008, to place before voters in the next general election a Constitutional amendment to require petitions for citizen initiatives to create a law, or a referendum disapproving a just-passed law, to be signed by registered voters who are residents in at least three-fourths of 110 state House districts, and who, in each of those House districts, equal at least 7 percent of the number who voted in that district in the last gubernatorial election......... See also Senate Bills 1086 and 1087.
Senate Bill 1086 (Revise ballot measure submission deadlines )
Introduced by Sen. Gilda Jacobs on February 12, 2008, to change the deadline for filing the petitions placing Constitutional amendments on the ballot ... See also Senate Joint Resolution K.
Senate Bill 1087 (Impose restrictions on citizen’s initiative signature gathering )
Introduced by Sen. Mark Jansen on February 12, 2008, to require circulators of petitions placing Constitutional amendments, initiated laws, or referendums on the ballot, ......State to certify and distribute a proposed Constitutional amendment initiative or other special question at least 60 days, rather than 49 days, before an election. See also Senate Joint Resolution K.

How can they pretend to represent us when they work against us. This is a sovereignty issue. We should not have to wait years to hold them accountable or to overturn bad law. Just look at the Michigan Business Tax. It does not solve the problem it exacerbates it. The changes they made to stop the expansion of the service tax was nothing but a tax shift and an additional increase. We need to take back the authority when they fail to work for us. We have to pay better attention and act.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

You Have the Right to Remain Silent...

Two petitioners were unagressively collecting signatures for the Recall of Speaker Andy Dillon in front of the Redford Post Office. A fancy car pulls up and out jumps three well dressed men. They go into the post office and register a complaint. An interested observer asked who made the complaint about the petitioners and was told by security that it was none other than the R. Miles Handy the Redford Twp. Supervisor. I did not see him, so this is hearsay. I suggest that you call him at 313-387-2705 and find out if it was really him or you can email him at . The petitioners left the post office and called me, as they were told to do.

I then took up their position. I wasn't there very long before two police cars showed up and parked next to me. Being the hardened criminal that I am, I ignored them. The policeman in the first car got out of his car. I pulled out my video cam. He says he does not want to get filmed. Keep in mind he was filming me. I told him I would not film him if he left me alone. He repeated the request and I gave him the same answer. He finally said I had to leave. I told him that I was exercising my first amendment rights on government property and the only way I was leaving was if he told me what law I had broken and arrested me. I put my camera away and after some discussion, he went back to his car and called someone.

The second policeman got out of his car and repeated the same thing. Then he tried sympathy. "I'm just trying to do my job." I told him I was too. I repeated that the only way I was moving was if they arrested me.

Then the third cop car showed up. I told him I was waiting to be arrested. He asked if they said they would arrest me. I told him they only hinted that they would. At least he smiled at me before he left.

The first policeman then approached me again and said he was going inside to give me enough time to leave. When he came out, I was still there. People coming in and out of the post office looked frightened. Some people yelled from the parking lot and asked what was going on. I yelled back not to worry and that it was only about me.

Then the forth police car came this was the official postal police. The officers in the first two cars were making phone calls. They then went and talked to the postal policewoman. She went inside through a side or back door and not much later came out and told me there were complaints and I must leave. I told her the same thing I told the other police. This is public property because it is leased by the government. I was asking a question, which is my right ,and not harassment and that I was twenty feet away from the people I was talking to. She went in and was never heard from again. The whole time this was going on, one of Dillon's thugs (I got a pretty nice one) was walking in front of me with a sign that said "don't sign the petition it will cost tax$$$". What it should have said is that it would cost Dillon dollars.

While you are calling the supervisor's office, ask him why the township felt it necessary to station two police cars next to a woman almost sixty years old who just wanted to exercise both her federal and state constitutional rights for about two hours. Also ask if Redford is crime free except for the post office. Who do you think was doing the harassment? The police? Dillons thugs, which usually show up in numbers? How about a sweet old lady (me)?
Rose Bogaert, Chair
Wayne County Taxpayers Association, Inc.
Taxpayers to Recall Andy Dillon

Friday, February 08, 2008

Is the Governor Next?

What can I say? Just when I thought it might be over, I get more mail. This time it is a birthday card for my mother, who has passed away, from Senator Tupac Hunter. For a state with a bare bones budget, we certainly have enough money to throw around. My guess is that every absentee voter gets one of these. In any case, at least Rep. Andy Dillon had the sense to put something that pertains to government on his bithday card to mom. Sen. Tupac Hunter had no such pretense. He just sent her a birthday card at taxpayer expense. There has not been one from the governor yet but I am waiting.

Are people really so foolish to make sending them a generic birthday card worthwhile? I sure hope not. I object to my hard earned money being used in this manner. What this is a computer somewhere which spits these things out each month. How necessary is that? We have some serious problems to deal with in this state. Obviously they do not think so in Lansing. As a matter of fact, if this is not illegal it should be. If you want let me know when your birthday is and I'll sing to you. In the meantime if you get one of these, please tell them no thank you.

While your at it, join us this coming Monday, February 11, at Best Western Laurel Park Suites, 16999 S. Laurel Park in Livonia off Six mile near Neuberg Road and I 275 from 7:00 to 8:00 pm.
There will be a joint "Recall Boot Camp" for Rep. Andy Dillon and Rep. Marc Corriveau. Even if you want to just learn how to recall you are welcome to come and get information. We will have petition for both recalls at the meeting. They increased our income tax by 12%. They enacted a surtax of 22% on business that will be passed down to us. They increased General Fund Spending more than 8% and call it a cut. They increased their legislative budget by over 7%. They did all this at a time when Michigan families are struggling to pay their mortgages and keep their homes. Recalls are a constitutional right citizens have as recourse when they have lost confidence that a representative is acting in their best interest.

Monday, February 04, 2008

What Another One!

I am going to have to start calling my Representative Andy Dillon "Dillon-gent Andy" instead of "Dillon the Villan". Another peice of literature was sent to my house today at taxpayer expense. One would think that they had nothing to do in Lansing. He sure is persistant when he is using other people's money. Does this look like a guy who is looking out for your best interest. If he feel the need to communicate, he should be telling us what he is doing right now to stop the bleeding in Michigan.

Not the pablum we were fed in the governors speech or the programs she has talked about since she was elected the first time. None of them will work unless she raises taxes again and even then they are severely questionable. Where are their priorities? Prove to us you are worthy to be retained. Don't prove with literature but with your actions. There is one cosulation. If we can remove him from office, he can qualify for a job with directory assistance.

Wonder what he will send me tomorrow.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

More Government Waste

About a month ago I received a newsletter from my Representative Andy Dillon. I know they all do it but I believe for the most part it is more self serving than informative. Certainly the last one sent to me could be called nothing but him patting himself on the back. I do however draw the line with what I received in the mail today.

My mother passed away on December 31. In todays mail I received a birthday card for my mother whose 89th birthday would have been on February 17. It was from none other than Rep. Andy Dillon. Does anyone really think he knows my mother? It might be a nice gesture if he had been paying for it out of his own pocket but not at taxpayer expense. My mother may have been almost 89 years old but she wasn't stupid. This is pure pandering and a waste of taxpayer dollars. Does he really believe my mother doesn't know what government does after all these years. Thousand of useless bills go through the legislature each year. They are introduced to please constituents and passed on to die in committee. These bills have to be written up and printed at great expense.

My comment to Speaker Dillon is that he and his staff have bigger and better things to be concerned about like reducing spending, lowering taxes and bringing business back to this state.