Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Costly and Unwise Vote No November 8, 2016

 Mass Transit Tax

·      A Massive Tax Increase.
Ø  What you already pay for existing mass transit in SE MI:
o   $100 per $100,000 of taxable value on your home and business.
o   Ten percent of what you pay at the pump in current gas taxes.
o   Ten percent of your car's annual vehicle registration fee.
o   The mass transit taxes you already pay could buy every regular user of mass transit in metro-Detroit a brand new Ford Focus every three years - and still have $XXX left over.

Ø  What you WILL pay for mass transit under the ballot proposal:
o   $120 more per $100,000 of taxable value on your home and business every year for 20 years.
o   $2,500 per $100,000 of taxable home value over the duration of the tax.
o   The plan authorizes the mass transit authority to initiate an additional 25% increase in your existing annual vehicle registration fee.
o   The proposal will take $4.7 billion out of taxpayer incomes - enough to provide every regular user of mass transit in metro-Detroit with a brand new leased Cadillac every three years.
 ·      More Traffic Congestion:
Ø  Major roads will have lanes closed to create 'bus only' lanes - congesting traffic.
Ø  Cities with bus only lanes also implement priority traffic signal policies that turn  stop lights green for approaching buses and red for cross traffic - further  delaying motorists
·      Blocks Mass Transit Innovation
Ø  The proposal spends hundreds of millions on old transit technology like buses and rail while other cities are contracting out transit services to Uber; Lyft, Chariot and others that provide door-to-door service at substantial savings.

Ø  Advances in self driving vehicles may provide breakthroughs in personalized, cost-effective transit service that cannot be realized if our region is financially locked for decades into a dinosaur mass transit system.

Wayne RESA Millage

     To get the particulars on this nightmare you should go to The Wayne County Taxpayers Association website. and scroll the presentation on why you should vote NO. It was presented to us by a Northville School Board member but the information can be used by all of us.

      The passage of Proposal A which changed the way we finance school only allows  up to a  three mil increase and only if voted by the entire county intermediate district.