Thursday, August 31, 2006

Parasites persist

The parasites came out of the woodwork today. Defend Michigan, a conglomerate of organizations of which you would be hard pressed to find many without their hand in taxpayer pockets, have filed challenges to the over 501,000 signatures submitted to the Secretary of States Office by SOS Michigan. They have hired Elections Attorney John Pirish to argue that there are problems with the language and the signatures. Defend Michigan's Spokesman Rodger Martin says they are "quite shocking".

A little less drama and more accuracy would be more to our liking. We are always suspect of someone opposed to something who is shocked by it's existence. What they are deadly afraid of is giving you the opportunity to vote. Heaven forbid that they and elected officials should be held accountable for the money they receive from the taxpayers or that elected officials should have to ask for money if they require more than allotted.

SOS Spokesperson Scott Tillman has it right when he says they don't want the people to vote or to put the people in charge. SOS does not cut the budget it simply limits future increases to the rate of inflation and population growth.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Stop K-16 Mandate

It is time to get serious about stopping the K-16 Mandate. This proposed constitutional change will be on the November ballot. It offers no guarantee that education will be improved and there is no accountability anywhere in the proposal. We elect individuals to decide how our money is best spent and we should hold them accountable for how they spend it.

We, however, should be able to set the limits of their revenue. It is their responsibility to provide us with the information for any amount needed in excess of those limits and allow us to decide through the ballot if it is justified.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

August 20, 2006

Welcome to the new WCTA web Blog.
I just returned from an Americans For Limited Government conference in Chicago. The Michigan delegation was very excited and upbeat about the support they are receiving from Michigan voters for the Stop OverSpending Constitutional Amendment. While the petitons have not yet been certified, they are more then confident that they have enough valid signatures to place it on the November ballot. They have turned in more than 503,000 signatures and only 317,000 valid signatures are needed.