Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tick Tock

This is Sunday. There will be no rest for our legislators. At about one o'clock they are about to get locked into session for the third day. I suppose I should feel sorry for them. Somehow, I feel that if they had seriously thought about running the state correctly before this, they would not have this problem. Its not as if you could not see this coming.

The question now is, will those who we have elected choose the expedient way by raising taxes, or the correct way by bringing spending in line with revenue? I do not think Michigan can take any more business as usual. The people out here are suffering because of job loss, loss of their children who have had to leave the state to find a job, loss of their homes because of taxes, reduced wages, higher insurance deductibles or even loss of insurance.

A tax increase will not get them a job, will not attract business, will not attract people to move to Michigan and it will not increase the family budget. Residents should not expect to reduce their budgets while the legislature continues to spend without making the appropriate cuts. Some of our legislators have done nothing to even attempt cut and have even suggested increases.

Speaker Andy Dillon has said that he will keep house members locked up for however long it takes to get them to vote for a income tax increase. Too bad he did not put as much emphasis or time into reducing the waste in state government or improving the business climate. I hope his prisoners of war are strong enough to withhold the pressure. As we speak they are making deals with our money to bribe for enough votes to pass the tax. They are offering things that they should not. We are not talking compromise. We are talking possible bribery.

Rose Bogaert, Chair
Wayne County Taxpayers Association, Inc.

Monday, September 10, 2007

One Day at a Time.

It has been three full days and only a hundred people have responded to our poll. Obviously our members have not got the word. The question will be on our website for a while - at least until after our newsletter goes out. I think people want to find out what the legislators and the governor are going to do to us before they decide if they should or should not sign a recall petition.

The very fact that they have done nothing except think of ways to raise our taxes should be reason enough to convince us to sign. That October deadline to balance the budget is almost upon us and they have done nothing but throw some things into committee. The governor keeps going around with the same old ideas, which all entail spending more of our money. No matter what they say about cutting the budget, they still manage to spend more each year.

I find it humorous that the legislators blame all their troubles on, Leon Drolet, the head of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance. There is no question that he can raise hell but he can not do it alone. They complain because one man is making $39,000 for doing something he believes is good for the State and its taxpayers, while they take almost $80,000 plus benefits for doing next to nothing?

If he or anyone else says something untrue, legislators can easily rebut the accusations from their pulpit. Some started by saying this was a bare bone budget. I can not believe they thought anyone bought that. Then they proceeded to spend money they didn't have. Then they pretend they didn't spend it by pushing it into next years budget. Now that the liability is greater for next year, the obvious decision for any rational being is to make a promise to spend more. NOT! It is either cut the state budget or our budget. I pick the state budget.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

For Your Voting Pleasure

We have just placed a poll on our website in a moment of insanity. This poll is not scientific. Just a matter of curiosity. The question reads " Are you willing to sign a petition to recall your legislators if they vote for a tax increase?" We have to believe there are people out there that are mad about the legislators lack of action with regards to reducing spending.

Over and over again legislation is thrown together at the last minute. As I recall (no pun intended) before the last recall, they were in session well into the night deciding to raise taxes. The same is true when then State Senator Debbie Stabenow put forth a proposal to eliminate funds for schools so that the method of funding would change. The republicans, not to be outdone, said me too. That is how we got the now troublesome Proposal A. I am sure people will want to stay here after college or move here when they find out their taxes will almost be double that of someone living here in a similar house and neighborhood since 1994, especially if they can not find a job.

Perhaps the legislators feel that close to $80,000 with full benefits isn't enough for what is really a part-time job. Maybe they feel they are above the State Constitution. Maybe they do not think they should loose their job for doing nothing about the budget and voting for nonsense half the time.

Remember politicians, staff, those in the MEA, AFT and government workers you only get one response in this poll.