Thursday, April 07, 2011


It's almost here. Thursday April 14, is our chance to recommit to our desire for fiscal intergrity by our state and federal governments.  We need you to join us in Lansing.  Americans for Prosperity and 40 Tea Party , 9-12 and taxpayers groups are sponsoring this event.  It is difficult for many to get time off from their jobs and for some to give up income to join us, but for those who can, we appreciate your support.

You can find the agenda for the day and a list of the great speakers by clicking here. Now is not the time to leave it to someone else.  Everyone is needed and the legislators need to know they have your support when they stand up for you. Don't let them down. Help those who are on the fence to make a decision for taxpayers and not special interests.

The decision to make the event on the 14th  instead of  the 15th was made because the legislature will be in session. It will also give those who want to have a taxday rally the oportunity.  Make sure they know we will not go away.