Friday, February 11, 2011

A Special Invitation

We have been finding it difficult to find a location near Detroit.  Leon's Family Dining, where we have our membership meetings, has agreed to lend us his banquet room.  I had indicated that I would ask everyone to purchase something.  You can have dinner, desert  or just a cup of coffee. The meeting is at 7:00 pm on February 22 at 23830 Michigan Ave.  We have reduced our $2.00 donation to $1.00 on this occasion.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 313-278-8383. If you are unable to attend look on our website for our other scheduled seminars.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Do you mind if I ask what your source is for this information?

WCTaxpayers said...

Not at all. I have been doing these seminars for 28 years. I got my information over the years from defending the Headlee Amendment in Court, Testifying on the Blue Ribbon Committee on the Headlee Amendment and defending it in court.

I publicly debated Proposal A and posted much info on it.

I have attended study sessions given by Assessors on the Board of Review and had many other discussions with assessors. I have also successfully appealed my own property to the Board of Review and the State Tax Tribunal. I have studied the constitution on this matter and reviewed Michigan Compiled Law. There is a bunch more but thats it in a nutshell.

TomBogaert said...

Notice that Anonymous has no reply to your outstanding response to his/her question. But, I want to remind you of something. Small but still a possibility. Remember the days of the Recall and gathering signatures. The "Thugs" dispatched to scare you off?
Well it seems that it's popular these days for the Dem's to make the lives of anyone who disagrees with their "leftist ideas" miserable. The way they do it is to attempt to make it personal and protest right on your front porch irregardless of how it may disturb your neighborhood. The moron's are clearly willing to cross the line and will do anything to harass anyone who does not agree with them. Just a thought!