Friday, July 15, 2011

Live Free or Choke On It

I have been remiss in my writing because I was almost catatonic. It seems like it is all to much.  The world as I know it is crashing. I have been feeling powerless. My country, the greatest on earth, is slipping both in influence and financially.  My state, county and local governments are controlled by the unions and spending is out of control.  I get so many requests for donations and phone sales in a days time that I am hanging up on them an refusing to donate to anyone.  What was happening to me?

Then I thought, when have you ever been a quitter? So here I am with renewed vigor.  Asking your help and your strength to work with me.  They want us to get worn out.  They want us to give up.  We can't let them win.  This is a great country!  We just can't let them change it to something else or convince us it is not.

When your tempted to sit back, step forward.  There won't be immediate financial benefit like there is most of the time on the other side, but you are still doing it for yourself, your children, grandchildren and (almost as important) me.  Make a phone call, write a letter or go to a political meeting. Unfortunately, you may not have someone to tell you what to do but you know what is right. If you need direction, join an organization  that will notify you when to act. Don't leave it to someone else to do. We have to keep the pressure on.  It is very important.  If you think you don't care, you will.