Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fleas Spreading Everywhere

What do Big Business and Government have in common? Answer: An incredible amount of unfunded liability. The old saying,"If you sleep with dogs you get fleas" can not be better demonstrated than in the relationship between the two. As we rely more and more on government the infestation is spreading.

Those of us who planned for our future liability are now seeing our 401ks, IRAs and Social Security disappear before our eyes. I always thought that I should be self reliant. I never thought that it would be taken from me so drastically by my own governments. I use the plural for a good reason. They are always suspicious that there will be subversives from among the people. But, it seems that they are the ones conspiring to make our lives hard and to disrupt our way of life. They are delusional. They think that they can solve problems by doing anything. Just vote for a bill. Don't read it. Talk about a problem. Don't do anything that might solve it.

It is more important that they be liked than right. The State of Michigan is a perfect example of doing nothing. In spite of the trouble we have been in, their solutions have been non existent or more harmful. At the federal level they are devaluing our dollar to the point that we should be furious. We are not the danger to our country - they are.

Please get involved. The country you save may be your own.

3 comments: said...

Knew there was a reason I never started saving for retirement. ;)


Anonymous said...

I've been calling around Livingston county these past few weeks, it's a virtual ghost town. Nothing is happening people are devestated and struggling, the ones who's numbers are still in service. Myself..I'm greatful it's getting warm, I'm investing the last few bucks I have left in a big garden, lots of potatoes, onions, and vegetables, I've even been thinking of getting a few chicks, to let run in the yard, for Sunday dinners, while i can afford them. The famine is upon us I do believe, next well be working for a slab of pork, or a bit of soup, and calling it a good trade. God save our nation.

Anonymous said...

Chrysler is gone now, and Macomb county wants to raise our taxes so they can pay for what? Stuff. My sister told her husband one day, give me some money, I'm going to Walmart, he said to her, what are you going to get? and she said well, you know some stuff! Hello these tax drivers, better wake up and see that we can't afford even 1 dollar more. what will it take? how many foreclosures and unpaid tax bills, will convince them of that?