Saturday, April 25, 2009

Taxpayer Minutemen

Now that the Tea Parties were such a success, we can not just go back to the way things were. We can not be complacent and allow things to pass without comment. All those organizations who work to make them a success have agreed to work together and insure that we are not forgotten. Leon Drolet of Michigan Taxpayers Alliance came up with a great idea. As a result of the US Supreme Court decision for which I was plaintive, any resident in Michigan can collect signatures for a recall. Anyone can collect signatures for a ballot initiative. So, Leon thought up the idea of Taxpayer Minutemen. Below is an explanation of just who we are. We hope that you will join us. Just double click on the picture. Print out the form and send it in. It will show your true commitment to change and show the politicians who is in charge as we grow in number.

Politicians will think twice before voting against the people who elect them. Only those in their district can vote against them, but people of like mind can bring to the attention of the people of their district, through recall or initiative, ideas that they have thwarted in the past with rules that have worked against their constituents. The balance of power between lobbyists and their money and citizens they are supposed to represent, can be equalized with your help and commitment.

Allert: 4/26/09 The registration link for the Taxpayer Minutemen will be up within a few days. there was a mixup in communication. Sorry for the mixup. Please check back. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

I want to be a minut man. but i can not locate that form anywhere. when i click on it on your blog here, it gets me no where. How can i help? please list a valid address that i can access and send in. thanks