Sunday, April 05, 2009

Why We Need To Expose The Far Left.

The double standard of the left fascinates me. They clammier the loudest if denied free speech but when it comes to them, they frequently deny it to others. As an example, the Michigan Liberal Blog still will not allow me to comment on anything they write. I have never used obscenities or done anything but express my opinion on what they have written. Yet, they seem to be so week on their opinions that they are afraid to be challenged? has no problem in making a point by any means necessary but will try to block any opinion that does not agree with theirs.

That is what I like so much about the concept of the Taxpayer Tea Party scheduled across this county. There is no way to disguise the hundreds of thousands who will be attending these Tea Parties. People of all stripes will be attending and expressing their feelings of frustration and indicating they are not going to take it any more.

We may not have the money that some of these left wing organizations have but we have the American Spirit. We have the awareness and history of those who fought and died for the principles of our forefathers. We have the freedom to express ourselves and the desire to make sure we keep them. This is not a one day event. It is a way of life. We need to defend it every day. I even defend the Michigan Liberal Blog but I wish they had the courage of their convictions and the philosophy of fair play.

Please join us on the steps of the Capitol Building on April 15, at noon. Also, sign up with one of the sponsoring organizations so that we can continue to fight the fight. We are cooperating more and more. We have our eye on the prize which is a free and representative democracy.

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1 comment: said...

Interesting, re: that Lefty blog, that those who complain the loudest are often the first to do the same exact thing.

Keep doing what you're doing, Rose. We appreciate you!