Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Simplified Single Business Tax

Remember the reason for changing the Single Business Tax in Michigan? They wanted to make it more simple and it had to be revenue neutral. First they thought up the Service tax that turned out to be a disaster and then quickly changed it to a 22% surcharge on the Michigan Business Tax. That too turned out to be anything but simple or revenue neutral.

Chairman, President, and CEO of the Edward Rose and Sons Building Enterprises, Sheldon Rose is holding his tax return for Michigan. It weighs between 7 and 8 lbs. and is ten times the size of his previous return. When asked what he thought about it, his response was that it was "preposterous". I cant' think of a better word to use.

The family-owned company is a residential developer, general contractor, and property owner and manager with a large presence in the Midwest. How has our legislature encouraged him to keep his business here in Michigan? They seem to be perplexed by the fact that people and business are leaving. If we do not become more business friendly in this State there will be no one left to produce or employ. This is the thanks we give to people who create jobs, operate and invest in Michigan. That is of course unless they are hand picked by Governor Granholm to receive taxpayer money.


Anonymous said...

Can you even imagine her being on the Supreme Court? said...

That is INSANE!

The idea of Jennifer Granholm on the Supreme Court is, too, but I'm reacting to that stack of papers.

So much for simplification. And then we wonder why companies are running out of the state as far as their little feet will carry them.