Sunday, September 27, 2009

Who would of thought that Governor Granholm would lack imagination? After all, she is such a dramatic actor. Who else can pretend to care for this state and not try to do anything different? She knows that the changes she suggested are DOA according to Speaker Andy Dillon. Here are the changes she suggested according to “Cynical Synapse”:

Here’s what Granholm’s plan includes for Michigan’s budget over the next 2 years: $2.2 billion in cuts, $1.09 billion in tax/revenue hikes, and using $2 billion of Federal stimulus money. It’s important to note this is on top of the $500 million in cuts Granholm proposed in February. To entice Republicans, she’s offering to phase out the Michigan Business Tax 22% surcharge over 3 years, beginning in 2011.
Reduce film industry tax credits from 42% to 37%
Reduce other business tax credits by 12%
Extend 6% sales tax to live entertainment tickets, vending machine sales, and service contracts
Impose a 1% sales tax on bottled water
Increase the cigarette tax by 25 cents per pack to $2.25
Double non-cigarette tobacco taxes
Increase liquor license fees
Cut school aid by $520 million
Reduce local revenue sharing by $74 million
Squeeze $34 million out of funds used to entice business—and jobs—to Michigan ($22 million from the 21st Century Jobs fund and $12 million from a road improvements fund)

If the legislature knew the proposed suggestions for balancing the budget was unacceptable, why did they go on vacation?

If we had a part-time legislature this would have been resolved by now. Passing a continuation bill is not acceptable. I say we shut the state down. Most people would not even notice and others who get funds from the state might take some concessions and squawk so loud the legislature might get something done.

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