Thursday, September 03, 2009

Energy Citizens

Energy Citizens

I am blogging from the Energy Citizens Rally. This rally is one of many across the country. It is being held in Livonia, Michigan at the Burton Manor. There is a great turnout. Speakers from the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Farm Bureau, American for Prosperity, and Frank Beckman from WJR Radio. They are all opposed to Cap and Trade legislation and are encouraging you to contact your legislators and ask them to oppose it as well. It is insanity to support legislation that would harm Michigan. We are already hemorrhaging jobs and being burried under stifling taxes.

It is time for all of us to get involved. Pick what ever organization that makes you feel comfortable and take action. Get involved. Makes some noise. Let your voice be heard.


Eclectablog said...

How does it feel to be an unpaid shill working for Big Oil to combat efforts to curb polluting our planet and getting us off our dependence on Middle Eastern fossil fuels? They make billions of dollars per quarter in profits and you, an unpaid rube, are doing your part to help them keep things juuu-uuust the way they are.

If it weren't so pathetic and dangerous to our country to watch you getting used by your wealthy corporate puppet masters, it would be hilariously funny and ironic.

If you succeed, you'll help throttle one of the major growth industries in this country while making sure our planet continues to heat up. How patriotic...

WCTaxpayers said...

Personaly I feal just fine about my position. If your facts were not so entirely wrong I might feel bad.

Calling me names takes away from your credibility. Short of pushing the cart ourself, the solutions you have put forward shift the problems, are more expensive and cost jobs instead of save them.

Your answer of no drilling, no neuclear, no hydro and no windmills in my backyard to possibly protect a minnow, owl or carabo seems niave at best.