Thursday, June 18, 2009

What A Well Dressed Protester Should Wear

At one of the breakout sessions at the Tea Party Convention last Saturday, a interesting man stood up and said that the Tea Party on April 15, was the first protest he had ever attended. He said he did not even know what to wear but decided on casual clothes. Well that was a pretty good guess.

In reality , the well dressed protester wears what ever he or she pleases. That is what it is all about, liberty, soverinity and getting those we elect to represent us instead of themselves. I think the convention was a success. It was a good second step. The speakers were interesting, the discussions were good and the people were friendly.

The feeling I got was that everyone there was ready to move on to the next step and was not willing to maintain the status quo. Some were preparing for more Tea Partys on July 4th, others were preparing for the march on Washington in the fall and still other are prepared to gather signatures to effect change in our state. What I saw was a large group of determined people.
You can get involved too. Click on the minuteman and sign up. Read how a little effort by a lot of people can make a difference. Let the events in Iran motivate you. Let it remind you how precious our freedoms are. Let it remind you what our forefathers had to endure to acheive their goals. Do not let anyone convince you that any political party,or any person has motivated the new patriot revolution. It is driven instead by the actions of our elected officials and their insesitivity to the people they represent. It is a result of thier lack of regard for the principles set down in our constitutions that they swore to uphold.
Any people who believe in freedom, when pushed, will eventually push back. Technology has made this a much more even fight. We can not let the selfserving ruin our country or our state. We can not let them decieve us into complacentcy. The thugs on the far left or the wacos on the far right should not be allowed to define the rest of us. That sould not be interpreted as the lack of will by the rest of us to do what must be done.

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