Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dillon the Villan and Boss Hog Handy

Nothing to relieve the taxpayers burden has been done in this state. Some things just stay the same. When I failed to recall Andy Dillon from the 17th district and rid him of his seat as the Speaker of the House for raising taxes, I was sure that this would happen.

I allowed myself to rejoice in the fact that his association with R Miles Handy, then Supervisor of Redford Township, along with Handy's own bad reputation, caused Handy to be replaced as Supervisor. That joy was short lived. I knew in my heart that those that sleep with dogs get flees. So instead of eliminating one bad apple from Lansing, we now have two. This kind of thing is part of the reason we do not have good governance.

Handy is now Andy's right hand man. I hate to think how the two of them can conspire to think about what they can do FOR themselves and TO the rest of us. Between the two of them, they have one diabolical mind. Andy Dillon's payback to his political friend costs us all. We have another year and a half to endure. I wonder if he replaced someone or if he is paid from the increased office expense account they voted themselves.

As a reminder of who Dillon calls his friend, I have a must see video released during the recall. If you have already seen it, it is fun to watch again anyway.

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