Sunday, April 06, 2008

Repeat Offender Caught Again

Once again I have been caught collecting signatures. This is getting to be a habbit of the Redford Police. They know I am not breaking the law. They know I am within my rights. They just can't get enough of me. They also think that they need at least two cars and police men to talk to me. This is the third time. I know they are just taking orders and it is not their fault. But you would think that they would know by now that I will not be intiminated. This time they told me I would get a ticket and took my ID. They went back to the car called there boss and told them I would not move because I was on the public sidewalk and not on the store owners property. I was not interfering with the exit or entrance by standing in front of the door. I was merely asking a question as customers were going in or out. No move. No ticket.
All of you need to help me "Recall Dillon". If I could I would also recall his friend Miles Handy the Redford Township supervisor. Now I just can't imagine how he got put in office. Redford residents have to rethink that guy. But I digress. You can help me and show your support by showing up at a rally on Tuesday, April 15, (you know what day that is) from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at the Redford Post Office, 12245 Beech Daly. Bring a sign and we can let all of the elected people we are tired of them wasting our money. As an added attraction, you and your children can meet "Mr. Perks" our 9 ft. foam pink pig. Please show up. You can probably meet the thugs in person. I want to meet some of them too. They seem to send all of the civil ones to me and call the police. Some of our other circulators have to file police reports against them because they do not play nice sometimes. Please Show up. We will be happy to see you there.

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Way to stand your ground! Don't let the man hold you down.