Monday, December 03, 2007

Troubled Times

So, what is Governor Granholm's job? Is she a hostess? How about a world traveler at public expense? Is she a kept woman at the expense of the public. Maybe a spoiled brat that throws temper tantrums if she does not get her way? How is it that Michigan has survived this long without a Chief Operating Officer? My head swims with questions about this governor. Some of them less flattering then the questions expressed above.

It seems to me we should have a job description and make the candidates read it before they run for office, to see if they are qualified. The governor obviously does not know how to reduce a budget. She can not balance a budget without a tax increase. While we bleed jobs, she travels abroad and brings back a handful of jobs which we must subsidize dramatically. With her bare bones budget, she hires a COO who is a negotiator instead of a business expert. If you detect frustration in my writing, you hit it on the head.

If she were at least merciful, she would fall on her sword and quit to save the state from anymore of her bad ideas.


Anonymous said...

And just exactly where is her cabinet through all this? Has anyone told her to seek expert advice. I'm sure that lots of people would be more than happy to work on the crisis that Mi is facing. But, until they are invited into that inner circle nothing happens. Good Luck said...

Her cabinet is at home. His name is Dan. He's a Stuart Smiley clone.