Friday, December 28, 2007

Michigan's Nightmare or America's Dream

Sometime people need support and understanding to help them believe that they are not alone. Many people in Michigan are suffering as a result of the economy and the horrible leadership and the lack of foresight of our governor and the majority of our legislature. The thing that keeps us going is that there is hope of change. It is incredible that we keep voting for change but never seem to get it.
Since the Democrats are not coming to Michigan, maybe you would like to hear some of the Republican candidates in person, speakers from the Wall Street Journal and others at the Michigan Defending The Dream conference. The conference in Washington DC was great. It was energizing to be around other Michigan activists and the conversations were always stimulating or debatable. Most of all, in Michigan it will be like a revival of spirit and hope in the future of our state. I am hopeful that I will be there to meet you.

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