Friday, March 20, 2015

Detroit School Board President Opposes Sales Tax Increase

For many years conservatives have taken for granted that support for issues we endorse would not be supported by most in the liberal City of Detroit. We can never plan to win over liberals if we do not make an attempt to explain our positions clearly. Below is a cry for help from former Rep. Lammar Lemmons,presently Presedent of the Detroit Board of Education.

Lamar Lemmons
President of the Detroit Board of Education

"The strategy for Detroit will be different than in other parts of the State. Our rational for opposing the Proposal will be different. We need resources. You can use my name in opposing this Proposal. The elected school Board is ready to come out against this proposal. What is happening? There is not a No Vote presence in the city of Detroit. Meanwhile, I am being inundated with vote Yes literature and T.V. Radio adds."

 You need to come out to the press. You are a stimulus to everyone's resources. Tell us what your reasons are. We are pleasantly interested. Our resources are limited as well and the city residents will be much more responsive to you as an elected official.  You can hardly expect people to give you money without knowing if they can can support your reasons and what you want to do with the money.

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