Monday, December 06, 2010

Putting Things In Prospective

I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself. For a week and a half I have been coughing, wheezing, pulling every muscle in my body and feeling all around miserable. Then reality hit. Was I doing this with no roof over my head? Did I have food to build up my strength? Where the antibiotics that I took working? Did I need to worry about my family? Did I have to worry about these things next week? Did I have small children looking forward to Christmas?

It sure is easy to close off things going on around you and become self involved. There is no questions that others do not have the benefits that I have. Our soldiers give up much for us. They endure many hardships so that I can have the life that I have. They are away from their families at the time of year I am closest to mine.

Then, there are the citizens who have given up their time and money to come together as a group to show their support for our country, and way of life, through rallies, tea parties and demonstrations with patriotic fervor dedicated to preserve our history and greatness as a country.

We can  not forget those who are elected to office. Those who stick to their principles and dedication to good government. Those that defy the urge to go along to get along.

I hope you will celebrate these things with us at the 2nd Annual  MI taxpayers Alliance and WC Taxpayers Association Awards Banquet. For more information, click below.

Buy tickets online here
or mail a check to:
MI Taxpayers Alliance
46116 Lookout Drive
Macomb, MI 48044

(Please make notation “banquet” on your check)


Anonymous said...

GREAT POST! I wish I could join you this year,but my county party is this same evening.
Hope it's GREAT it sure was a fabulous time last year!

Chris McCoy

Jason Gillman said...

My county party is same day too..

Too bad, I hope they have fun. I wouldn't miss it.

My motivation of course being a little different. ;O)