Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RESA Wants Millage Increase

The Wayne County Intermendiate School District RESA wants a millage increase. Suprisingly, they are getting school districts to agree that they want more money. The Detroit School Board still believes, or at least claims to believe, lack of money is their problem. I guess more than $11,000 per student in Detroit is not enough to expect some kind of resonable education. This is insanity.

How did this come about? With the passage of Proposal A and the change in how schools were funded, the only way to increase operating millage was on a county wide millage. Exempt from this were sinking funds and bonds which were still allowed on a local district level and are used unmercifully.

The County millage could be increased up to 3 mils with the approval of the districts that together make up more than half the student population of the county district and then it would be placed on the ballot. We should be grateful they are so considerate to ask for only 1.9 of the three mills allowed. That is only $1.90 for every $1,000 of taxable value on your property. If your taxable value is $50,000 this means you will only have to pay $95 more per year. This millage will only generate $92 million. It will then be distributed back to the districts based on student population. More redistribution of wealth with no accountability and guarentee of better education.

If we let this happen we deserve it. Accountability first. If we don't get accountability, we are throwing good money after bad.

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