Monday, July 06, 2009

Across the State and Across the County

Apparently the news media was to busy eating hot dogs to do justice to the tea parties that were taking place all across Michigan and the United States. That's OK. We know who we are, our numbers and the effect we can have on election outcomes.

I spoke at a Tea Party in Owosso, Michigan. There were about 170 patriots there concerned about the direction of our country. They had a great little country band and people who seemed to know why they were there. We were right along the road and people honked in support as they drove by. The real inspiring aspect of the tea parties is that these people are ready to put their words into action.

A real example of a Wayne County resident moved to action is Nancy Hames who is attempting to recall two members of her city council in Grosse Pointe Woods. She is only recalling two because the others who voted for the increase are up for reelection in November. Her reason is their vote for a property tax increase of 13.5% a full 1.75 mills. Grosse Pointe Woods has some very exclusive property but the owners have not been exempt from the effect of the bad economy. Small business owners, white collar workers and professionals have been hit too.

There is no reason to believe that Grosse Pointe Woods is any different than any other municipality which thinks they are justified in raising taxes instead of cutting spending. We will be meeting with her this week to see how we can help.

If you are interested in helping call me at 313 278-8383 and I will direct you to the proper person.


Woods Taxpayer said...

Kudos to the Wayne County Taxpayers for assisting Grosse Pointe Woods resident and activist, Nancy Hames. Here is a site that may be of interest:

Dr. Robert Lee said...

Good luck to the Grosse Pointe Woods residents in their recall campaign. A similar effort is underway in Grosse Pointe Shores to recall the 5 officials who voted to raise our property taxes. For details, check out our web site at