Monday, March 23, 2009

Are You Up To A Challenge

According to the Orlando Sentinal the taxpayers "Tea Party" in Orlando, Florida drew over 4,000 taxpayers to show their discontent with Washington. Carrying Signs and chanting they showed their frustration over government spending.
I am issuing a chalenge to all of you to help us exceed that number. If you can not afford the gas, bring others and ask them to share the expense. If it is a long way, turn on the radio to entertain you. There are certainly more than 4,000 available people out there. We have more reason than the federal spending. We have state spending to complain about. They are thinking of raising taxes again. You can bet that every time they do, there are fewer people and businesses to pay them.
Our "MI Taxpayers Tea Party will be on April 15, at High noon on the steps of the Capitol Building in Lansing. You can take the time to do this. Even bring gramma and grandpa. They helped build this country and I am sure they do not want to see others destroy it. Get excited! Get angry! Tell them "your not going to take it anymore." Hold them accountable. Work against them or remove them, if they will not listen.
We can do better than Orlando. There are fewer people everyday who have anything better to do. You are responsible for preserving our freedoms. You are responsible for our children's future. Your actions determine the life, libertyand persuit of happiness for future generations.

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