Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Same Stuff Different Day

Some people accuse me of trying to push people into doing something political and in effective they could be right. I am going to ask you to join over a million Democrats, Republicans and Independents who have signed a petition to demand that Congress take action on the oil crisis. We need to convince them this Forth Of July that it is important to attack the situation from all quarters.

We keep hearing that we need to be energy independent from foreign oil, but our representatives never seem to show they believe it by their behavior. Michigan in particular has a problem because most businesses which remain in this state, are hanging by a string.
Also, some will be unable to heat or cool their homes, food prices will rise, they will have a difficult time paying for gas to run their car.
We need to get our legislators off their duff. This problem goes beyond politics and effects our basic needs.
In the seventies we demanded congress to act. Some of their decisions were helpful while others were not. We know from experience what works and what doesn't. Conservation on our part always works for instance. Tax credits for insulation, thermal windows and energy efficient appliances works for another. Dialing down our thermostats works. Research on ways to reduce energy efficiency works.
Windfall Profits Tax does not work. Look at this video and then consider signing the petition on line.

Now go to their website and add your name to a million others. If we want them to make any effort we have to be willing to do our share.


RightMichigan.com said...

Drill here, drill now!


Anonymous said...

And looking at the events still unfolding in the Middle East, Iran is posturing, as Israel seems to be considering it's options on Iran's Nuclear program.

ENERGY INDEPENDENCE NOW to be free of these world considerations. It then allows us to approach world political issues a bit more pragmatically.