Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Recall 1983

It is almost upon us. Tomorrow, Wednesday April 18 at 11:00 AM, taxpayers from around the state will converge on the steps of the State Capitol to protest the the possibility of a tax increase. Just like in 1983 the people in this state find themselves faced with unemployment, foreclosures an an economic woes and the solution offered is to raise their taxes. The result in 1983 was the attempted recall of Gov. James Blanchard and the recall of two State Senators. A third senator was almost recalled but the campaign was sabotaged by those who wanted to put and end to the recall movement.

Just like then, people are plotting to sabotage taxpayer influence. The Michigan Federation of teachers and Artserve have changed their lobbying day to coincide with this rally. The Michigan Liberal Blog has sugested that their readers show up and behave outragiuosly before the media to convince them we are rightwing nuts. We suggest that you bring a camera and, if you see them, take a picture. You can also interupt an interview and tell them that this person does not represent you or the majority of other people at the rally.

Bring you camera, have a good time and we will see you there. I'm proud of you!

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