Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Failure To Educate

The Michigan budget for 2007 contains $15.9 Billion for education. That is 37% of the State Budget. You would think that with that much money we could get better results. Maybe that is because a good number of our teachers, certainly not all, are more concerned about themselves then they are about their students and their job performance.

Given the language of Proposal 5, which mandates inflationary guarantees to education and limits local district responsibility for pensions, we can assume that must be the case. The Michigan Education Association, who was the major impetus behind the initiative, worded the proposal so that 2/3 of the increase will go to teacher pensions the first year and more each year as the state liability grows faster than the rate of inflation. Nowhere is there an indication that the money would be used to improve educational quality or accountability.

You would think we would learn that when they say "It's for the Kids" we sould put up our guard. Experience should teach us that it is usually not the case.

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Anonymous said...

It's clear that Proposal 5 is a money grab. Way to hop, educators, hoping you can fool your students once again! Check out the conservative Detroit News opinion on this

Copy paste this link into your browser to read this article. I wish I could get this state to pay for retirement, hello how much is already allocated to education? do you know? The legislator already makes it one of the last cuts, so therefore, it essentially, doesn't get cut, but as we all know, health care and pension funding, is eating us alive. I want to propose at the next election Proposal #1 the Michigan taxpayers, MUST contribute to my health care costs, and my pension fund, lest I may die a working class citizen. Margaret