Friday, September 15, 2006

Monkey business

The effort to place the SOS Michigan proposal on the November ballot is over. The Michigan Supreme Court has refused to consider the case after the ruling by the Court of Appeals. What isn't over is the determination to have the same or a similar proposal on a future ballot.

While I was attempting to get affidavits from those who had mistakenly signed twice for submittion to the court, I encountered some interesting situations. My first attempt was an address where the signator had died in January and signed the petition twice the following May. I was able to get the next two people to say that they had not signed twice intentionally. The next two addresses did not exist. The streets exist but the addresses did not.

Who would benefit from trying to sabotage our signatures? Certainly not SOS! That is why they collected what they thought would be a significant amount of signatures to compensate for the possibility of error - more even then other petition drives which had made it to the ballot.

Who would find it necessary to harass people who were collecting signatures? Who would have enough resources to copy over 500,000 signatures to a data base in such a short time to find enough duplicate signatures that they would not normally expect to find? Who would not want the voters of the State of Michigan have the opportunity to vote on the issue? Who would not want the people in charge? Because of the 65% approval rating among Michigan voters, special interest might have more to gain by stopping the vote from going forward.

We are smarter and wiser as a result of this effort. We will not let it happen again.


Anonymous said...

Well it's a shame. The people of Michigan have spoken, and the politicians have gone out of their way to revoke it. Sabotage no doubt. Down with the K-16 because they are out to get us.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that SOS will not die. We need to get Lansing in line. Too much pork-barreling of our tax dollars has taken place for far too long. Lansing even uses what they abscond from us to use AGAINST WE THE TAXPAYERS. Also, we need to do away with retirement benefits for our Term-Limited legislators.