Friday, August 15, 2008

MEA and MESSA v Learning

Yesterday I attended a luncheon where the guest speaker was Kyle Olson who is President of Strategy for the Education Action Group (EAG). The EAG is a group of citizens and School Board leaders who are working together to insure that most tax dollars for education are spent to educate students. They are all about supporting school boards who make those tough decisions. When Michigan Senate Bill 418 passed, it allowed school districts to gain access and obtain anonymously "Health Insurance Claim Data" for bidding purposes and required that they get four competing bids. This video tells one story.

According to Mr. Olson, "the mission of the MEA and MESSA is not to look out for the best interests of the school districts - its to make sure that their members are receiving the best "Compensation and Benefits possible".

I am always befuddled by the fact that over 30% of our taxes go to education and we spend so little time electing qualified people who have lots of backbone to manage our districts.

It is nice to have caring parents on the board and others that reflect the demographics of the district but they need to have skills that will allow them to manage the millions of dollars entrusted to their care.

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Anonymous said...

While unionism has played an important roll for the equality of American workers we the working class people are all also tired of the bullyism that exists especially with the teachers unions. They have bullied us and continue to bully us into contract benefits that include benefits that the common working class free market unions have found unattainable and have in fact of recent history have lost. They have health care greater than that offered to unionized health care workers in this state. Yes nurses, health care professionals admit to seeing “that teacher” coming, they have every thing under the sun available to them. Our teachers unions have gone from, for the good of people, by the people to; for the teachers, by their (taxpayers) children we shall get our way. They are choking the life out of the passion of learning of our children and taken advantage of so many children (contract wise) and done so without regard to the lives of the children (family's) they are teaching. They have forgotten they are working for us and we don’t make near their wages, let alone their sky-high benefits. NO one has this kind of contract and we need to remind the teachers it is a privilege to serve. Be aware all of you of the influence teachers have on our youth. Are they trustworthy enough to give them more than any other unions in this country get? Take care and read the commentary from Thomas Sowell on the subject of educator influences on countries.
My mother God rest her soul used to say, teachers are misfits, they can’t get a job anywhere else, because their grades are lower or the economy is terrible so like all other educated idiots turn to the government for employment either to the states or the surrounding cities for income with their good for nothing degrees. Sure we have good teachers, but are they really good and caring about the communities they serve? Do they really understand the kids in their district who get free lunch and don’t have decent clothes or supplies live in homes earning way less than they are and mostly without even an in’th of their benefits? Do they care? With average earnings 53,000 a year plus benefits for teachers in this state, way beyond the UAW’s physical laborers wages and benefits, who are they kidding? Most certainly; all of us and all the school districts around and in the state of Michigan. Wake up citizens! take control of your districts and take the time to scrutinize Why IS YOUR School District IN Such Sad Financial condition? Certainly it isn’t the fault of Granholm?… who has also raised your/our taxes yet sends little additional money back to your district. Let the taxpayers in the district decide on the teachers contracts, dump the board and that’ll be the end of this mess, we’ll hire the teachers we need, at a price we can afford, and I’m sure as all parents are generous to those we know are spending time with our children and helping them to learn, can work something out. If you don’t like that then go back to college and get another degree I’m sure the governor will help you with tuition as she wants us all to go back to school. After that you will find some profit corporation will review your merit and pay you accordingly. Are you really mad now? Well so are we, it’s preposterous what you have inflicted on the families you claim to want to serve. We still need to let those who want to teach know what we can afford, surely the line of educated professionals in this state is a long as the unemployment line, if you don’t like it: NEXT…I heard Wyoming is hiring teachers....and last one out of Michigan, turn out the lights and call DTE and have them send the bill to the governor… Margaret