Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Call Speaker Pelosi

Well it is 11:46 am and I have not received my odometer yet. I had previously wrote about the hydrogen fuel cell I put on my car. Well my odometer broke and I don't know how many miles per gallon I'm getting. So it gives me another reason to be angry at Speaker Pelosi as I watch all those dollars pile up at the gas pump.

Please call Speaker Pelosi at 1-202-225-0100 and tell her to call congress back into session for an up or down vote on energy legislation.

In support of this issue "Americans for Prosperity" is sponsoring an interesting event.

Save the Dates
August 13 and August 14

Hot Air Balloon to Stop in Farmington, Kalamazoo

Gas prices are squeezing your budget! Yet some lawmakers in Congress continue to refuse to support free-market measures that would lower energy costs. And global warming alarmists like Al Gore cheer misguided policymakers on by calling for more energy taxes and regulation.

Join Americans for Prosperity's 70-foot-tall hot air balloon in Farmington or Kalamazoo to learn more about the Hot Air in the energy debate. These events will be fun for the whole family and completely free! Bring the kids out for dinner/breakfast and a tethered hot air balloon ride.* The first 50 pre-registrants will receive a free t-shirt.

Farmington (pre-register) THIS ONE IS CLOSE!

5:00 PM -- Wed., August 13

Shiawassee Park (map here)
(at the corner of Shiawassee and Power Roads)
Farmington, MI

Kalamazoo (pre-register)

8:30 AM -- Thurs., August 14

Flesher Field, Oshtemo Township (map here)
3664 South 9th Street
Kalamazoo, MI

Contact Scott Hagerstrom for more information at

Be sure to forward this e-mail. Encourage folks you know to sign up, including friends from work, family, your college, homeschool group, political group, and other community associations!

One of the driving forces behind Congressional inaction on the energy issue is global warming alarmism. We are working hard to bring you the missing half of the global warming issue. What will the impact of reactionary legislation be on our national economy, local businesses, and even your personal budget?

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