Monday, August 04, 2008

Challenge Day One -

I have decided to include some questionable people running for office in Wayne County as part of my blog.


  • A 35-year homeowner in the district
  • A wife, mother, and grandmother
  • A life-long Democrat
  • A Schoolcraft College Trustee
  • An adjunct professor at Madonna University
  • District constituent services staff person for Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, Andy Dillon
Joan Gebhardt
  • One of the mean, nasty, thugs that followed, harassed, stalked, took pictures and blocked us from collecting signatures for Speaker Andy Dillon's Recall
I wonder how long ago that picture was taken? I have never seen her hair like that or with a sincere smile and her people skills had much to be desired. In fact she was very loud when she talked to us, that is, when she wasn't insincerely grinning. She is running for the Wayne Country Commision 12th district which includes Inkster, Westland and part of Livonia.

I think she would serve us better in the county jail than on the commission. There are a number of undesirables running for office in Wayne County. A lot of them know each other well.


Anonymous said...

interesting how the wicked witches of the west get past the taxpayers notice. It seems to me it would be appropriate to see her in an orange jumpsuit. As it would to see the rest of the politiburea. Long live domocracy down with STAlINISM and FASCISM. Keep up the good work Taxpayers Association!

armywife1 said...

But her pic is sooo nice....