Thursday, August 07, 2008

Kwame Ordered to Jail

Kwame Kilpatrick has been ordered to jail for breaking the restrictions of his bond. He not only left the city, he left the country. He went to Canada on city business but the condition of his bond was that he not leave the city. The judge says he is not making the mayor an example. He says he would have put anyone who broke bond in jail.

If Kwame felt the need to leave for the sake of city business, he should have requested permission from the court. This is just another example of how politicians think that the law does not apply to them but only one the people they proport to represent.


lotto 649 said...

We should have a great day today.

Anonymous said...

Yes ma'am and he's a politician / Lawyer to boot, way to hop Kwame. Climbed the ladder, and now, it's a long way down. perhaps he'll do volunteer legal work, filing petitioners case logs into the cabinet. When he's released like Johnny Six Pack in 10 years, he'll be trying to convince his P. O. that it's the only viable work available for him there fore he can't repay all the fines court costs and probation fees because after all Detroit is no longer paying. God Bless his Wife and kids, Hope she finds someone much bigger than him to cater to while he serves his much deserved time.