Thursday, May 01, 2008

On The Ballot

Congratulations to the voters of the 17Th District. The question to recall Michigan House Speaker Andy Dillon will most certainly be placed on the August 5, primary election. Today 15,498 signatures were turned in to the Bureau of Elections in Lansing. The required amount of signatures was 8,724 signatures.

Thank you to the voters of the 17Th. A victory for you is a victory for everyone in the State of Michigan. If this does not convince the other legislators we are serious, we will have to work to take out another one of them. Their decision to increase taxes has hurt our state and it's citizens. Tax increases do not bring business into Michigan. Tax increases in this time of job loss, income reductions and inflation only serves to make things worse.

Thank you for enduring the aggravation of Dillon's hostile, rude and aggressive blockers .
Thank you for standing tall before all the unjustified criticism and lies. Your the best.

Rose Bogaert, Chair
Wayne County Taxpayers Association

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maidintheus said...

Chairperson Rose Bogaert,

Thank you!