Friday, May 09, 2008

Take the Bitter With the Sweet

First I will give you the sweet.The Secretary of State has finished the first process to place vacationing Andy Dillon's name for recall on the August 5th ballot. I hope that they didn't send the news to Mexico and ruin his fun. After all, his vacation is far more important than the mess this state is in.

The bitter is that our court date has been postponed again. It seems they have come up with more trumped up charges and our side needs time to figure out what they are talking about and who these supposed witnesses are. The only regret I have is that we have come to this as a society. If Dillon is loved so much by the voters, why is he going through all this? He could just stand on his reputation and his performance in the legislature and defeat us at the polls. He would be defending his record and not trying to discredit us. I guess it must be because he can do neither and must give the appearance that he is the injured party.

In the meantime, Rep. Dick Ball (R-Owosso) introduced a resolution which criticizes the State Constitution for allowing recalls for anything but criminal misconduct. Recalls are about anything but that. Criminal misconduct is decided in the courts. Recalls are about representation and political matters. HR358 also stated that recalls are undemocratic. Huh? We had to collect a lot more signatures then he had to collect to run for office. About 8,500 more. Then the recall has to be voted on. Sounds pretty democratic to me. Thank goodness the rest of them had the good sense to not want to vote on it. It was however the fact that someone wanted to amend the resolution to include that Kwame Kilpatrick be removed from office that brought the great enlightenment. The dems removed it from the agenda.

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