Friday, May 02, 2008

The Definition of Arrogance

Yesterday before we turned in the signatures to recall Speaker Andy Dillon we were scheduled to hold a press conference in room 55 of the Capital Building. We were notified at the last minute that it was not available and no other room was available. When a reporter from MIRS asked why the press conference was changed Dillon said "They want to have a press conference in one of my rooms? Yeah right."

Who does Speaker Dillon think he is? That is the peoples house not his house. By what right does he deny anyone access to the Capitol Building during the hours it is open. It is that arrogance that I was unaware of until I started to recall him. His superior attitude keeps him from making decisions for the people but facilitates his disposition to act in his own self interest. He forgets he was sent there to do our business not his own.

It is interesting the things you find out. Dillon supporters hired an out of state coordinator for his blockers. They hired a convicted felon as a blocker. He complains because someone drove by his house a couple times to try to interview him but thinks nothing of his blockers driving by my house several times a day and following our circulators up and down the streets and to their homes. He accuses us of lying and fraud. I now know him to be a liar because he has lied about me. He has said I offered no solutions to the budget crisis. While I did say that he had to make the final decisions on what should be cut because that is what he was elected to do, I also suggested that he look at the $1.9 billion worth of cuts by the Mackinac Center and those suggested by the Citizens Research Council. He made no cuts but increased the General Fund Budget by 8%.

He says the people who are recalling him are not from this district. I had people from his district stuffing bags to hang on doors and boxes stacked from my front room to my family room full of the literature. I had petitions mailed to my house. I had obscene phone calls. I answered questions and gave instructions. People from the district brought petitions to my door. I received more in todays mail. Speaker Dillon, keep thinking that the people of your district are happy with your representation, it will make my job easier.

You and your deplorable friend Miles Handy have shown your true colors. Just like Darth Vador you have gone to the dark side.


Anonymous said...

Funny - seems like you and Mr. Drolet, as a former legislator, should know that taxpayer resources cannot be used for campaign purposes. Capitol rooms cannot be used for campaign purposes.

WCTaxpayers said...

It seems you do not understand that this is not a ballot issue yet. You should also understand that a press conference is informational not advocational. It seems Rep. Dillon did not have a problem giving an interview. In any cas it still is not his house. It is the peoples' house.