Thursday, February 04, 2010

State of the Citizen Makes a Point.

Once again the taxpayers are left out in the cold. This time they didn't seem to mind. What a lively bunch. While the governor and legislators were inside staying warm for the State of the State address, about 500 people were on the steps of the capitol expressing their dissatisfaction with the way their tax dollars are being spent and the way that policy has been directed.

Chants of "it's our money" and "blown away",referencing the goveror's promise, were loudly repeated between speeches. The topics of the state of the taxpayers, the state of business and the state of the family were discussed. It was cold but it was inspiring and I am glad I went. Empty chairs, set up for legislators who wished to attend the state of the citizens instead of the state of the state for the lame duck governor remained empty, at least until we were sure the legislators were not coming. If you didn't attend you missed a great event. I hope we will see you at the next one.

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Communications guru said...

More lies from the rightwing fringe. It’s a stretch to say there were 500 people there, and quite a few were not fringe, racist teabggers like you. Taxpayers were not “left out in eh cold.” There were plenty of them inside the Capitol, and most were actually inside elsewhere listening and watching the Governor speak. You chose to be outside in the cold and not listen.

Here’s the real story of what went on Wednesday: