Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Something You Shouldn't Miss

Austin Texas then and now.

You really should subscribe to the "Michigan Capitol Confidential". Its free, well written, entertaining and factual. The only thing that might upset you is the content. They expose government waste and things that you may not find out in the press or may have missed on the tube.

The internet has given us an oportunity that was not available before and we should take advantage of it. Individuals are now able to discover things and comunicate them. If you are young and it has always been the way things are, you can not appreciate the difference.

The Tea Party movement would not be the movement it is without the internet. Grass root conventions, seminars and meetings would not be as well attended or as easily organized. It is much harder for a despot to take control of our government without being exposed because of the internet. There is always the comfort in the realization that you are not alone in your thinking.

Most of all, it gives even those who are unable to get out much, the elderly, moms with small children, those who are still employed and those who are not, an oportunity to get involved.

Click on the link it will be worth your time.


Communications guru said...

Capitol Confidential is a publication of the rightwing think tank the so-called “Mackinac Center for Public Policy.” And as rightwing as they are, I don’t think they would even want to be associated with the racist and extremist teabaggers. Perhaps they have no problem associating with the teabaggers bankrolled by the big Washington, D.C. lobbying bucks, but not the grassroots crazies you are pushing. They need money, but I’m not sure they will stoop that low.

The one Sarah Palin spoke at for big bucks a few weeks ago is the one bankrolled by the two D.C. lobbying groups, and even the rhetoric there was really out there. Can you imagine the crap coming from the Michigan Militia and White Supremacist groups pushing this crap?

WCTaxpayers said...

Do you really believe the BS you spout guru? Turn around I don't think anyone is following you.

Oh, by the way, I take umbridge to the personal comments about me. You do not know me and I am not a racist. But if you are looking for one, look in the mirror.

Communications guru said...

First, it’s not bull shit, and second I believe it because it’s true. Ditto, no one is following you either except a fringe group of anti-government zealots.

I don’t care if you take umbridge or umbrage. Have you heard the expression, “if the shoe fits….?”

Sorry, I’m not a racist. See, unlike you, I don’t support any cause pushed by white supremacists.