Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Defense of the American Dream Continues

The morning of the first day was great. It started out with specialized grassroots training sessions on internet activism, grassroots activism and training on methods. It wasn't in anyway as subversive as it sounds. It was just good clean suggestions on methods.

In the afternoon, most people prepared for the rally and after that meetings with their legislators, which mostly turned out to be their aids. The above video was taken by AFP. Their cameras are so much better than mine.

That evening was the "Tribute to Ronald Reagan Dinner". We had some great speakers. Laura Ingram, radio host and best selling author was the keynote speaker. She was funny and thought provoking. She was followed by Congressman Mike Pence, who not only gave a very engaging speech but did great imitations of George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. They were followed by Dr. Jim Miller, former Reagan Budget Director and Art Pope who is AFPs Chairman.

More tomorrow.

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Thanks for sharing all that you have so far. I look forward to reading ...more.