Thursday, October 15, 2009

Canadian Style Healthcare

It can't be good folks. I am contacted daily, by organizations I admire and trust who warn me, about the dangers in the proposed health care bills which are about to be consolidated into a bill which will be put before congress.

Last night I was part of a conference call of over 10,000 activists, sponsored by American for Prosperity, who listened to and asked questions of Congressman John Shadegg. He warned us of the deals being made. The bill has not even hit the floor yet. As you might imagine, these deals are being made for their constituents and not everyone.

Can you really believe they will cut costs, improve services, and cover more people without raising taxes and reducing accessibility to services. The fact that at present, the Sen. Baucas bill that came out of committee is enforced by the IRS should tell you something.

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has put out several videos. I hope you will watch them and contact Senators Levin and Stabenow to oppose nationalized health care or anything that resembles it. Call their local and Washington office, email them, write them, and fax them. Do it more than once so they know you are serious and intend to stay involved all the way to the voting booth.


Anonymous said...
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WCTaxpayers said...

Sleepless in Dearborn Heights you have to know that our system of government is on the verge of collapse if we continue to print money and spend at the present rate. Our helth care system is the finist in the world but buy some standards that is unfair.

We send billions around the world saving the lives of others. Those that can come here to receive medical services they can not get at home.

If you are unable to laugh then you can only cry because of all the attacks on the best system of government in the world. Those who wish to destroy it should leave it and make room for those who are dying to come here and those who are serving in the armed services to maintain it.

Anonymous said...


It's unfortunate, but this kind of satirical sarcasm turns off many viewers and alienates others. The message gets lost in its delivery. It's doubly unfortunate because there's alot of good information here on what's going on and what's actually in "the bill."

Sleepless in Dearborn Hgts.